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  • Creative Writing Handbook: Developing dramatic technique, developing dramatic technique, individual style and voice. ~ Edited by Derek Neale
  • The Penguin Book Of English Verse (poetry anthology)

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  • Raven’s Peak~ Lincoln Cole

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  • Floral inspiration for wallpaper

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  • Why do I love to write when I have had no close influences to encourage me to do so?

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“The writing of a melody is an emotional moment; success doesn’t make it easy.” ~ Enya


More Than This

More Than This by Patrick Ness has changed my life.

That sounds stupid but I assure you that it is one of the truest statements I have ever written. I was dubious about this book as I’ve been reading poetry and classics recently so a YA seemed a little immature but I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

It explores theories about the afterlife with a surprising twist (because no YA book would be complete without one) that actually aids the purpose of the book. I couldn’t put it down and spent the day at my grandma’s house sat in her reclining chair, in the corner of her living room, reading it whilst the sun shined outside.

I literally cannot put into words how much the author has nailed the feeling we all have, the craving for something more. I can personally relate to the protagonist- which is always a bad sign- and it has answered some of my questions about why I wanted to do things and why I didn’t go through with them.

I wanted something more, and that feeling was consuming me, but I hadn’t found my more yet and so I stayed to find it. Seth had found his more and had it stripped away, that is why he was able to leave.

There are so many more deep questions which are answered that I can’t tell you for fear that I ruin the experience for you.

Thank you, Patrick Ness, for your beautifully structured novel exploring thought-provoking themes and sprinkled with eye-opening imagery.

“I wanted so badly for there to be more. I ached for there to be more than my crappy little life.’ He shakes his head. ‘And there was more. I just couldn’t see it.” ~ Patrick Ness.



Currently… 29/07/18

Currently reading:

  • More Than This~ Patrick Ness
  • The Penguin Book Of English Verse (poetry anthology)

Currently reviewing: 

  • Raven’s Peak~ Lincoln Cole

Currently photographing:

  • Rainbow effect Barbara Kruger style portraiture

Currently pondering:

  • Were we intended to build up a society this independent?

Currently quoting:

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” ~ Destin Sparks


Tears…lots of them

Okay, here goes. Today started well- productive. I learnt new shit and did a small creative description exercise and life was good. Life is still good, by the way, don’t fret.

Then…then. Well. A friend called, we arranged a meeting up and I was so full of love and longing to be a part of that forever- how do you convey to someone how much you love them platonically?  I think that that is a challenge far greater than a romantic relationship. Anyway, not long after another friend was ranting to me- I’m like a sponge so I kind of just absorb angstiness. I called him an idiot, which is not unusual and highly true, but then he rather creatively called me this:

“A murderous, sleep-deprived, fluffy rabbit who gives out offhand bitchy comments.”

I replied, “Pretty much.”

Again, how can even the best writers in the world convey the gratitude and love I hold for this friend? This is not a rhetorical question and if you have the answer I will goddamn pay for it.

Then, my dad put on P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma tour on Youtube and I tried so hard not to cry. To no avail. I got to her presentation about her little girl.

My mum asked me- the resident gay- if “being gay or bi or whatever is like P!nk” and I almost started crying again because it was the first time she had asked me anything even remotely about sexual its without shooting me down. I replied in an appropriate fashion- even quoting P!nk and George Michael. She didn’t appreciate it, but still. Celebrate the little victories. (Another thing my friend taught me.)

To sum it up, today was brilliant. I cried at least 4 times and I have never felt more refreshed and filled with love.

Thank you to all mentioned, you know who you are xX


I guess the journey begins now. I’m all packed and ready to go and I hope that you’ll join me as I discover the highs and lows of writing, reviewing and photographing. I also hope that you’ll take pleasure in my pain as I vent to you about my rather mundane life.

For now, I leave you with this very true statement on the profession I aim to master.

“The road to hell is paved with adverbs.”  ~ Stephen King


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